What makes Pradensi Unique?

Pradensi is a unique platform that not only tracks history but also creates a continuously updated PROJECTION for each project and each loan. Which means you can see opportunities and problems well in advance. - and prepare accordingly!


Financial forecasting is dependent upon updated, timely, and accurate information. One small event can change the entire forecast. If your method for forecasting doesn't take into account information as it happens, you are at a MAJOR disadvantage.

That is why Pradensi continuously updates your forecasts as sales prices change, production durations shift, production costs morph, etc. - so you can have an accurate forecast whenever you need one.


Imagine your company's success if you could accurately PREDICT future slumps and surpluses of cash!

So use Pradensi to account for nearly 30 variables per unit when forecasting cash flow. Then roll that forecast into a company-wide projection for ALL units and run your company like a seasoned CFO!

In today's lending environment, when loan terms can be complex, Pradensi has proven time and again that it's up to the task!


If you can't understand a forecast, it is virtually useless. That is why Pradensi is CLEAR and UNDERSTANDABLE. Our software is extremely intuitive and user friendly. It is designed to look like a common spreadsheet so it can be operated with ease. If you can use a hammer, you can use Pradensi. And, with nearly 200 standard reports, and the ability to get customized reports, you can see your information the way YOU WANT to see it.

Praise From Our Clients

Here are just a few of our recent success stories. Tell us, what will yours be?

High Country Homes

Simple to understand

We had heard about Pradensi for a couple years before we gave it a shot, and all I can say is that I sure wish we had purchased the program sooner! We had a very complicated project involving two lenders and Pradensi gave us a cash flow model that was simple to understand. It is an excellent program and we now rely on Pradensi company-wide.

Lori Caseber, Co-Owner

Jaymarc Homes

Tremendous tool!

Pradensi is a tremendous tool that helps us stay organized with the daily administration of our construction financing, and look ahead with respect to cash forecasting, equity financing, inventory management, pro-formas and a host of reporting.

Carl Greene, former CFO

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