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How it works

Pradensi is a database driven platform that allows teams to share data and reporting in an integrated way. There are no spreadsheets and there is no duplicate data, and you can create security profiles which governs which data users can change, what data users can see and what reports users can run!

Familiar flow and feel of a spreadsheet. But it's so much more.

Pradensi replicates the look of a spreadsheet input screen. But, behind the scenes, Pradensi calculates extensive and accurate cash flow forecasts. This makes it EASY for you to get the timely and accurate information you need to make informed decisions. With almost 200 standard reports, and countless customized reporting options, the information supply is endless.

We do the calculations so you don't have to.

Even experienced financial wizards can spend too much time trying to model cash flow for regular homes with regular loans. Add the complexity of today’s loan terms and it can be downright impossible to have accurate forecasts without spending all day, each day, on forecasting.

Pradensi SAVES TIME and MONEY as it performs the calculations with nearly 30 different variables for each home. Now YOU can model cash flow like a PRO. Do you want to see how people like you have become masters of the cash flow? Check out our case studies!

Information tailored to your needs and for every situation.

Most people spend hours and hours developing spreadsheets to model and generate a single report. Those spreadsheets are often PRONE TO ERROR, are difficult to maintain, and are difficult to scale. In addition, the output or the report you would send to a bank or financial institution is downright embarrassing.

Pradensi presents your data in a CRISP, EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND format. In fact, bankers LOVE our reports. Shouldn’t your INFORMATION and DATA work FOR you, not AGAINST you?

Get the information you need to make a difference in how you run your company.

Praise From Our Clients

Here are just a few of our recent success stories. Tell us, what will yours be?

High Country Homes

Simple to understand

We had heard about Pradensi for a couple years before we gave it a shot, and all I can say is that I sure wish we had purchased the program sooner! We had a very complicated project involving two lenders and Pradensi gave us a cash flow model that was simple to understand. It is an excellent program and we now rely on Pradensi company-wide.

Lori Caseber, Co-Owner

Jaymarc Homes

Tremendous tool!

Pradensi is a tremendous tool that helps us stay organized with the daily administration of our construction financing, and look ahead with respect to cash forecasting, equity financing, inventory management, pro-formas and a host of reporting.

Carl Greene, former CFO

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