Our full service software program helps lenders

  • Manage monthly draws
  • Issue monthly statements
  • Track capital sources and report to investors
  • Project fund future balances and performance!
  • scalable pricing plans


Manage Statements and Draws

Pradensi allows you to administer all types of loans - including those with monthly draws - within a single, fully integrated application. That includes bridge loans, land loans, construction loans, loans with profit splits and exit fees, etc!


Save time

Manage monthly draws


Easy billing

Prepare and send monthly interest billings and statements


Comprehensive reports

Run reports to know exposure by customer, by region, by loan type....


Adaptive features

Also manage and track non-traditional fees like exit fees and profit splits.

Manage Investors and Other Capital

Pradensi also allows you to track each investor in each fund - making reporting to them a breeze. You can also track loan fractionalizations and choose what percent of each income stream you are going to fractionalize. And of course you can track and manage loans pledged against your lines of credit.

  • Track and report on interest payments and profit shares to fund investors
  • Track and project investor redemptions and their effect on your portfolio
  • Track loan fractionalizations (received and owed)

Manage Portfolio Performace

Pradensi creates a granular forecast for each loan (projected draws, interest income, amortized points, etc.) and then will roll up the individual forecasts for each loan into a fund forecast. AND THEN Pradensi will combine these loan forecasts with projected investor investments, redemptions and interest payments to give you a truly accurate projection for each fund AS A WHOLE - adjusted continuously in real time with no spreadsheets needed!

  • Projections for each individual loan
  • Individual loan projections are then rolled up for a fund projection from all loan types
  • Finally fund performance is calculated taking into account investor interest payments, redemptions, etc. - for a sophisticated and accurate projection!

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